Past BISA award winners

Best Article in Review of International Studies (RIS)

Name(s) Article Title
1986 1st Year of the award Robert Jackson 'Negative Sovereignty in Sub-Saharan Africa,' Review of International Studies Vol. 12, No. 4 (October 1986), pp. 247-264.
1987 ? No record of winner kept in BISA records
1988 ? No record of winner kept in BISA records
1989 ? No record of winner kept in BISA records
1990 Hugh Ward and Geoffrey Edwards Chicken and Technology: The politics of the European Community'e budget for research and development
1991 Yongjin Zhang China's Entry into International Society: Beyond the standards of civilisation
1992 Cynthia Weber Reconsidering statehood: examining the sovereignty/intervention boundary RIS 18 July 1992
1993 Pertti Joennieme Neutrality beyond the cold war
1994 Cathryn Hoskins Title not found in BISA records
1995 Geoffrey Underhill Keeping Governments out of Politics: Transnational Securities Markets, Regulatory Co-operation, and Political Legitimacy. RIS 21(3) July 1995
1996 ? No record of winner kept in BISA records
1997 ? No record of winner kept in BISA records
1998 Christopher Clapham Degrees of statehood
1999 Mark Kramer Ideology and the cold war RIS Oct 1999
2000 Colin Hay ÔÇÿContemporary Capitalism, globalisation, regionalisation and the persistence of national variationÔÇÖ RIS 26 (4) October 2000
2001 ? No record of winner kept in BISA records
2002 Christian Reus-Smit Human rights and the social construction of sovereignty RIS 27 (4) October 2001
2003 ? No record of winner kept in BISA records
2004 ? No record of winner kept in BISA records
2005 O Cortell and James W Davies When Norms Clash
2006 William Brown Africa and international relations: a comment on IR theory, anarchy and statehood RIS 32 (1) January 2006
2007 Joint winners Hidemi Suganami

Roland Dannreuther
'Understanding sovereignty through Kelsen/Schmitt', RIS 33 (2007), pp, 511-530.

War and Insecurity:legacies of Northern and Southern state formation RIS 33 (2) April 2007
2008 Alex Bellamy The Responsibilities of victory: Jus Post Bellum and the Just War. RIS 34 (2008) pp 601-625
2009 James Brassett British Irony, global justice: a pragmatic reading of Chris Brown, Banksy and Ricky Gervais. RIS (2009) pp 219-245
2010 Morgan Brigg & Roland Bleiker Autoethnographic International Relations: exploring the self as a source of knowledge RIS 2010 pp779-798
2011 Joint winners

Nukhet Sandal


Ayse Zarakol

Religious acts as Epistemic communities in conflict transformation: the cases of South Africa and Northern Ireland RIS (2011) pp 929-949

What makes terrorism modern?Terrorism, legitimacy and the international system RIS (2011 pp 2311-2336

Michael Nicholson Thesis Prize

Year Name Institution Thesis Title
1991 1st year of the award Susan Rice Oxford University The commonwealth initiative in zimbabwe 1988/89 - International Peacekeeping
1992 Sharon Karman Oxford University Rights of Conquest
1993 Erica Benner Oxford University Marx and Nationlism
1994 Tim Dunne   International Theory in Britain: the Intervention of an International Society Tradition
1995 ? ? No record available
1996 ? ? No record available
1997 Molly Cochran London School of Economics International ethics as pragmatic critique: Confronting the epistemological impasse of the cosmopolitan/communication divide
1998 Joint winners Charlotte Hooper

Edward Keene
University of Bristol

London School of Economics
ÔÇÿManly States: Masculinities, International Relations and Gender PoliticsÔÇÖ

ÔÇÿThe Colonising Ethic and modern international societyÔÇÖ
1999 James Malcolm University of Sheffield The political economy of finance globalisation: does japan "Big bang" herald convergence?
2000 Debbie Lisle Univeristy of Keele ÔÇÿWorlds apart: Politics, Discourse and Contemporary Travel WritingÔÇÖ
2001 Martin Coward University of Newcastle Urbicide and community in bosnia- herzegovina
2002 Tore Fougner University of Keele Politically at Sea: problematising the new norwegian shipping policy of 1996
2003 Joint winners

Samantha Jane King 


Anne Hammerstad

University of Plymouth


Wadham College

Locating Moral Responsibility for War Crimes



Title unknown

2004 Emma Haddad London School of Economics 'Between Sovereigns: The Refugee in International Society'
2005 Milja Kurki Aberystwyth University Rethinking the concept of cause in IR theory
2006 Joint winners Lauren Phillips

Andrew Neal
London School of Economics

University of Keele

2007 Columba Peoples Aberystwyth University Technology, common sense and missile defence: A critical approach to understandings of technology employed in American missile defence advocacy
2008 Priyanjali Malik Oxford University Debating ÔÇÿThe OptionÔÇÖ: IndiaÔÇÖs Nuclear Policy in the 1990sÔÇÖ
2009 Omar McDoom London School of Economics The Micro- Politics of Mass Violence: Authority, Security, and Opportunity in RwandaÔÇÖs Genocide
2010 Malfrid Braut-Hegghammer London School of Economics Nuclear Entrepreneurs: Drivers of Nuclear Proliferation
2011 Jennifer Martinez University of Nottingham Comites de Tierra Urbana (CTUs) and the "Right to the City": Urban Transformation in Venezuela a Bolivarian Revolution.

Visiting Fellow Awards

Year Name(s) Institution
1998 1st year awarded Dr Peter Skalnik
Prof Alexander Sergounin
Ms Patricia Molloy
Ms Anne Bazin
Charles University Prague
University of Nizhny Novgorod
University of Torronto
Institut de Science Politques, Paris
1999 Dr Nuri Yurdesev Middle East Technical University Ankora
2000 Dr Manuel Mindreau
Dr Sushil Kumar
Universidada del Pacifico Lima Peru
Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi
2001 Erhan Buyukinic
Haythan Mouzahem
Uni of Galatasary Turkey
Almustthubal Newspaper Beirut Lebanon
2002 Dr Ritu Vij
Dr Sanjay Gupta
From India but Studying in the USA
University of Luknow, India
2003 ?  
2004 ?  
2005 ?  
2006 ?  
2007 Dr Vladimir Boyko Barnaul State Pedagogical University, Russia
2008 No applicants  
2009 No applicants  
2010 No conference  
2011 Dr Wali Aslam
Dr Carolyn Shaw
Forman Christian University -Pakistan
University of Marie Curie Sklodowski -Poland
David Malet
Keri Leicher
John Stupart
Suman Sharma Gautam

Founders Award

Year Name(s) Institution
1996 1st year awarded Nick Higgins
Palena Neale
Peter Newall
University of Kent
Aberystwyth University
Keele University
1997 ? ?
1998 M Demetriou
L Valero
D Kroslak
E Stammes
University of Kent
Aberystwyth University
Aberystwyth University
1999 Goran J Goggins
Heather Marquette
Eli Stammes
University of Bristol
University of Durham
Aberystwyth University
2000 Daniela  Krolsak
Andreas Gofas
Marieke de Goede
Adam Baines
Aberystwyth University
University of Warwick
University of Newcastle
University of Oxford
2001 Nicola Short
Maria Holt
Dibyesh Anand
London School of Economics

University of Bristol
2002 ? ?
2003 ? ?
2004 ? ?
2005 Cata Gregoratti
Magdalena Larsen
Oystein Tunsjo
University of Manchester
University of Westminister
Aberystwyth University
2006  ?  ?
2007 Sonia Wolf
Javier Gomez ÔÇô Arribas
Young Chul Cho
Hakim Darbouche
Bas Van Der Vossen
Mladen Tosic
Margaret Hagan
Nicolas Kerton-Johnson
Kalin Ivanov
Elpida Katsavra
Sarah Holt
Aberystwyth University
University of Westminster
University of Manchester
University of Liverpool
Oxford University
Cambridge University
Queen's University Belfast
University of Bristol
Oxford University
University of Kent
University of York
2008 Paul Davidson
Susanna Karlson
Stephen Buzdugan
Valentina Feklyunina
Christina Rowley
Helen Hawthorne
Soumita Basu
Luca Mavelli
Jennifer Hsu
Karim Kubert
Paul Hayman
University of Bradford
Aberystwyth University
University of Manchester
University of Glasgow
University of Bristol
City University
Aberystwyth University
Aberystwyth University
Cambridge University
London School of Economics
University of Durham
2009 Alexandra Prodromidou
Amelia Heath
Daniel McCarthy
Sandy Livingstone
Unviersity of Birmingham
University of Newcastle
Aberystwyth University
Aberdeen University
2010 Andreja Zevnik
Jide Okeke
Racula Soreanu
Meera Sabaratnam
Aberystwyth University
University of Leeds
University College London
London School of Economics
2011 Annett Richter L'lnstitut d'├®tudes politiques de Paris (Sciences Po)
Holly Eva Ryan
Alejandro Pena
David Guttormsen
Julia Welland
Olga Burlyuk
Ronan O'Callaghan
Noele Crossley
Damien Van Puyvelde
Jessica Schmidt
Herman Salton
Liam O'Shea
Chikara Hashimoto
Robyn Klingler
City University
City University
University of  Warwick
University of Manchester
University of Kent, Brussels
University of Manchester
London School of Economics
Aberystwyth University
University of Westminster
Aberystwyth University
University of St Andrews
Aberystwyth University
London School of Economics

BISA - C-SAP Teaching Prize

Year Name/Department Institution Teaching Excellence paper
2008 1st Year of award Dr Betts Featherston University of Bradford Not submitted yet
2009 Dr Elena Korosteleva- Polglase Aberystwyth University Not submitted yet
2010 Mr Govinda Clayton & Dr Ismere Gizelis University of Kent Paper Here.
2011 Dr Ayla Gol Aberystwyth University Not submitted yet

Susan Strange Book Prize

Year Author Institution Book title/details
2009 1st year of award Richard Ned Lebow Dartmouth College, USA A Cultural Theory of International Relations. Publisher: Cambridge University Press 2008 ISBN-13: 9780521691888
2010     No award presented - award being restructured
2011 Dan Breznitz &
Michael Murphree

Georgia Institute of Technology

Run of the Red Queen: Government, Innovation, Globalization, and Economic Growth in China, Yale University Press, 2011. ISBN: 9780300152715



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