Name change for the Intervention and Responsibility to Protect (IR2P) Working Group

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We are pleased to announce that the name of the Intervention and Responsibility to Protect Working Group will be changed to the Human Rights, Humanitarianism, and Responsibility to Protect Working Group.

This name change comes after a consultation with the working group members and is a reflection of changing realities and priorities. The membership of the working group has declined and it appears to us that it has become less active. In addition, while the Intervention and R2P focus was important as an organising idea when the working group was first created, we feel that the discussions around R2P have on the one hand, become a little stalled, while on the other have broadened beyond the intervention focus. Further, looking around at the broad scope of BISA we see gaps in working group coverage which this expanded working group can cover. Overall, the idea is to retain the R2P element while opening up the group to a much wider group of people and research areas which still connect to some of the original themes and which will hopefully provide greater opportunities for expansion and cross-fertilisation within the working group. This might also open up possibilities for greater collaboration with other working groups.

We hope that you will join the newly reimagined working group and submit proposals for the annual conference to the working group which address the broadened subject matter. We are excited by this change and look forward to engaging with you to support research in the areas of human rights, humanitarianism, and responsibility to protect in the coming years.

The HRHRP Working Group Conveners:

Dr Samuel Jarvis, York St John University

Prof Kurt Mills, University of St Andrews

Dr Cristina Stefan, University of Leeds