Duties of trustees

Trustee duties

BISA trustees have an overriding duty to to act in the interests of BISA and its beneficiaries. Being those responsible for governing BISA, BISA trustees owe a duty to:

  • use reasonable care and skill, making use of their skills and experience and taking appropriate advice when necessary; and
  • give enough time, thought and energy to their role, for example by preparing for, attending and actively participating in all trustees’ meetings.

BISA trustees must never allow their personal interests, or the interests of another organisation or body, to sway their judgement, and must never place restrictions on themselves, or allow restrictions to be placed on them, which would limit their ability to make decisions in the interests of BISA.

Accordingly, BISA trustees will ensure that they:

  • only undertake activities that are within BISA’s objects and powers;
  • act only in the interests of BISA and its beneficiaries; and
  • make decisions in line with their duty of care and duty to act prudently.

Taking advice

BISA trustees will recognise and acknowledge when they need advice, in particular, in relation to investing BISA funds, entering into contracts and considering legal action.

Monitoring and reviewing this policy

This policy shall be reviewed annually by the Executive Committee.  

Responsibility for the Policy lies with the Director who is answerable to the BISA Chair. The Director in turn can delegate oversight and implementation to an appropriate BISA staff member or trustee.

This Policy should be considered in conjunction with the following policies:

Change and review history

  • Implemented 2020
  • Reviewed Nov 2022

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