About East Europe and Eurasian Security (EEES)

The working group on East Europe and Eurasian Security (EEES) was established in January 2011 in response to the growing need to bring together area studies expertise on the former Soviet Union and those working on similar issues but in areas of security studies and international relations. We seek to promote the work of PhD students and early career researchers in this field through convening panels at the BISA annual conference as well as by holding regular multidisciplinary workshops and study groups.

There is a continuing and growing interest in the former Soviet space in both the area of security studies and foreign policy/international relations. While many issues are examined and written about from an ‘out of area’ perspective (e.g. energy, terrorism, regional security relations), there is a need to focus on cross-linkages between regional and global issues (e.g. Central Asia-Afghanistan-the ‘West’, Russia-Ukraine-NATO/EU) in order to bring together disparate expertise in one forum. Valuable expertise on the subject-area can sometimes be lost to area studies, but we believe this energy should be harnessed to broader disciplinary areas of security studies and foreign policy analysis/international politics.

This group represents an opportunity to achieve a higher profile for the study of the former Soviet Union and wider Eurasian space (not just Russia) and to position this in the context of the broader field.

Recent group member publications include:


Stephen Hall
University of Bath
Victoria Hudson
King's College London
Marcin Kaczmarski
Marcin Kaczmarski
Glasgow University
Artur Nadiiev
Univeristy of Nottingham



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