About US Foreign Policy

The US Foreign Policy Working group was founded following a conference held at the University of Leicester in March 2005, organised by John Dumbrell.

Since then the group has gone from strength to strength, generating cutting-edge research, a book series, and hosting the US Foreign Policy Conference, the largest dedicated gathering of US foreign policy experts in the world.

Along the way, there’s been plenty of practitioner engagement and intellectual controversies. Research collaborations have been sparked, PhD students have found supervisors, graduated and become working group conveners themselves, and a community of likeminded scholars have forged lasting friendships.


History of the US Foreign Policy Conference (conference conveners in brackets)

  • 2006 Manchester (Inderjeet Parmer)
  • 2008 University of London (Tim Lynch)
  • 2009 University of East Anglie (Lee Marsden and David Milne)
  • 2010 University of Leeds (Jason Ralph)
  • 2011 University of Oxford (Adam Quinn)
  • 2012 University of Birmingham (Adam Quinn). 
  • 2013 University of Warwick (Oz Hassan)
  • 2014 London School of Economics (Nicholas Kitchen)
  • 2015 City University (Maria Ryan)
  • 2016 University of Bath (Wali Aslam)
  • 2017 University of Edinburgh (Oliver Turner)
  • 2018 Liverpool John Moores University (Matthew Hill)
  • 2019 University College Dublin (Eugenio Lilli)



Nicholas Kitchen
Nicholas Kitchen (Acting Convener for 2020-21)
University of Surrey
Georg Löfflmann
University of Warwick



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