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We’re a diverse and friendly organisation with a community buzz. We welcome anyone with an interest in International Studies and Politics. Whether you’re an academic, policy maker, journalist, school teacher, student, NGO or charity employee, BISA membership offers something for you.

You can find more information about us and what we do on our About BISA page.


As a member you’ll have access to a range of benefits and opportunities.

This includes online access to our journals, the ability to join and collaborate with our specialist working groups or Postgraduate Network, exclusive member discounts, eligibility to apply for funding and awards, and professional networking at our conference and events.

Member discounts include up to 40% off with Cambridge University Press, up to 50% off tickets for our annual conference, and a free six-month subscription to World Politics Review.


We have four types of membership and rates are based on status (individual, institution or school). We also offer further discounts based on income and location.

1. Full Membership - £90 a year

  • 15% discount if you earn between £40 and £60k per annum (£76.50)
  • 30% discount for those earning less that £40K per annum (£63.00) 
  • 50% discount for unwaged academics, early-career researchers (within 5 years of the award of a PhD), retired members or scholars living, working or studying in the global south per annum (£45.00)
  • £500 for a lifetime retirement membership

2. Student Membership - £30 a year (open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students)

3. Institutional Membership (not available to university departments)

Institutional membership is open to any organisation that is actively involved in international studies/relations and related fields, research and policies. It is for institutes, think tanks, consultancies, development organisations, charities and the like. This membership allows 2, 4, 6 or 8 named employees from your organisation to enjoy the many benefits of being a member of BISA, including reduced rates at our annual conference.

The fee varies depending on the number of named employees, and the size and income of your organisation.

4. School Membership - FREE

School membership is open to any school offering GCSE or A levels in Politics, Economics, History, Geography and related subjects.

For Institutional and School Membership please email as these categories can't be purchased through our membership portal yet.

How to join

Joining us is easy. Just complete the registration form and pay your membership fee. Join now.

Renew or rejoin

We encourage you to pay for your membership by direct debit so you never have to worry about it lapsing. However, if you’re paying using another method, we’ll contact you automatically before your renewal date with everything you need to know. You can find out your membership details and renewal date by logging in to our membership area. There you can also update your details if they change.

If you’re rejoining us after a period away then firstly, welcome back! We only store lapsed member details for a limited time so you may need to create a new member account. Head to our membership area to see if your account is still active. If you have any problems or queries please contact our office:

The small print

By joining BISA you agree to adhere to both our membership terms and conditions and our Code of Conduct.

Our membership terms and conditions also tell you what you do If you change your mind about becoming a member.

Schools, institutions and organisations covering the cost of membership can request an invoice, which we will endeavour to generate within 72 hours. Payment of invoices must be made within 30 days, and we retain the right to revoke membership if fees are not received within this period.