About International Studies of the Mediterranean, Middle East & Asia

Our working group on the International Studies of the Mediterranean, Middle East and Asia (ISMMEA) aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum in which to bring a diverse range of scholars and practitioners together. The Group aims to move beyond the hierarchical binary imaginaries of world order as the so-called the ‘West’ and the ‘non-Western’ worlds; to critically examine the constitutive role of the bifurcated view of world order on knowledge production, identity and power, and foreign affairs; and, thereon to consider ways of moving towards an alternative and inclusive approach to theorising on the international relations of these regions by drawing epistemologies from postcolonial, poststructuralist, feminist, constructivist and critical theories. 


Photo of Bahar Baser
Bahar Baser
Durham University
Photo of Betul Dogan-Akkas
Betul Dogan-Akkas
Durham University & Qatar University
Photo of Rory McCarthy
Rory McCarthy
Durham University



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