About Astropolitics

Today thousands of satellites orbit Earth, providing critical infrastructure through large technological systems, creating political, economic, and social forces in an environment and geography that has long been surrendered by social scientists to the ‘hard sciences’. Whilst Earth orbit is already the scene of international power politics and is shaped by the forces of international anarchy, more and more states are formalising their space activities with space agencies and new military space institutions and formations. 

The Astropolitics Working Group (AWG), formally established in October 2022, develops and supports research and researchers interested in the politics of outer space as our Global Space Age draws in more states get involved and space infrastructures become more influential in modern life. The AWG seeks to develop this emerging field and specialism in IR in the UK, across all approaches and sub-disciplines, and make political space research more prominent and accessible to International Studies research and policymakers looking for academic expertise and knowledge exchange in an area with such high policy relevance. 

The AWG welcomes research and researchers from any approach in International Studies as it relates to outer space.

You can find us on Twitter: @AstropoliticsWG


Bleddyn Bowen
Bleddyn Bowen
Associate Professor of International Relations, University of Leicester
Sarah Lieberman
Sarah Lieberman
Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, Canterbury Christ Church University
Sarah Dunn (PGR convener)
University of Leicester



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