About Colonial, Postcolonial and Decolonial (CPD)

Our members currently engage with the colonial question across numerous debates in the field of IR, for example: culture; civilization and war; multiculturalism; liberal governance and domestic security; the liberal peace and humanitarian intervention; globalisation; development and neo-colonial economies; neo-imperialism and empire; South-South relations and new regional groupings; post-positivist theories, including values, norms, subjectivity; and the disciplinary history of IR itself.

For these purposes we hold annual workshops and postgraduate methodology master classes. We also submit panels to various conferences and we build relationships between our membership and cognate inter-disciplinary research centres across the world. It is our intention that CPD will become an exciting and innovative forum that will catalyse debate across different theoretical and methodological positions, between theoreticians and more empirically oriented scholarship, and spanning historical and contemporary concerns.


Nivi Manchanda
Queen Mary University, London
Lisa Tilley
University of Warwick



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