Review of International Studies

Review of International Studies (RIS) publishes cutting edge International Relations research regardless of theoretical, methodological or empirical focus. Our aim is to publish articles that initiate or lead contemporary debates in international relations research. Our success is reflected in our strengthening impact factor and the international reputation of the journal. 

RIS publishes research that is theoretically informed, empirically rich, and methodologically rigorous, but which also pushes the boundaries of the discipline through theoretical, conceptual and methodological innovation. We strive to be the place where a range of perspectives can flourish and where truly outstanding work in the discipline is showcased and debated. We welcome interdisciplinary research and seek to champion emerging debates that promise to shape future conversations in the discipline.

RIS Publishes five issues a year. Normally, one of these issues is reserved for a special issue. We invite proposals for special issues on an annual basis. We also award an annual prize for the best article published in the previous year's volume of the journal. The winner is announced at the annual BISA conference.

We are committed to improving the diversity of our authors, reviewers and editorial board members. Due to the work of the previous editorial team, 50% of articles published in 2019 were authored by women. The current team are keen to continue this trajectory and improve the proportion of submissions and published articles by authors from underrepresented minority groups. We want to do more than simply reflect the existing state of affairs: we have a responsibility to advocate for, and lead, change in the discipline.

First view

Cambridge University Press (CUP) publishes most RIS articles online ahead of their inclusion in print issues. This makes it easier to keep up with research into International Relations as soon as it is published. First view articles are often open access for the first fortnight. Visit the CUP website to see the latest RIS first view articles.

Access to RIS

If you’re a BISA member you can access both RIS and our other journal, European Journal of International Security, as part of your membership. Visit our journals homepage for more information.

You can see more information about RIS on the CUP website including:

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