About European Security

The group includes researchers interested not just in formal security institutions like the European Union and NATO, but also individual European country's security policies. Members are researching both internal and external security issues such as terrorism, conflict management, organised crime and cyber security alongside traditional defence themes like conflict, armaments and operations. Furthermore, as the concept of security has expanded to include new areas of activity (environment, energy, migration, finance, gender, health), it is also our intention to reach new communities of scholars whose work has traditionally been unrelated to European security. 

We organise a two-day workshop each year, usually in January. In addition, we organise panels for the BISA annual conference. We run a mailing list through which we advertise other conferences and specialist workshops, jobs, funding and publishing opportunities and any other professional development opportunities relevant to our members.


Dr Andrew Cottey
University College Cork
Dr Lorenzo Cladi
University of Plymouth



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