About Africa and International Studies

The Africa and International Studies Working Group was formally established in summer 2007. The Group aims to provide a forum in which to bring together a diverse range of scholars to discuss and debate:

  • substantive issues arising from a study of Africa and ‘the international’;
  • theoretical and conceptual debates about the relationship between generalities of the discipline of International Studies and African historically-based specificities; and
  • ideas about the relationship of issues and theory in the pedagogy of International Studies in and of Africa.


Peter Brett
Dr. Peter Brett
Queen Mary University of London
Oluwabamidele Kogbe
Dr. Oluwabamidele Kogbe
University of Dundee
Stephen Hurt
Dr. Stephen Hurt (Social Media Officer)
Oxford Brookes University
Tarela Juliet Ike
Tarela Juliet Ike (PGR Rep)
Teeside University



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