Voices from BoisMitidja

Welcome to Voices from BoisMitidja, a new blog edited by the British International Studies Association’s Colonial, Postcolonial and Decolonial Working Group (BISA CPD). We have developed this project as a platform to amplify the incredible work of our comrades, colleagues and students, as they contend with what it means to write, create, think and act against the grain of empire, coloniality, and injustice in our world. Voices from BoisMitidja seeks to reflect the beauty, resilience, joy and power of this anti-colonial heritage; a platform that reflects the persistence of life, love and resistance, in the face of both spectacular and every-day coloniality. In addition to pieces discussing, analysing and exposing forms of injustice, the blog, therefore, will showcase the continuity of the long traditions of struggle against all forms of oppression, injustice and inequality.

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A place where we welcome conversations in any way, shape or form...



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A section inspired by breaking away from the 'distance-as-rigour' approach to scholarship and engaging more meaningfully with narrative as method



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A place for reflection... Pieces that are reflective in nature, and meaningfully speak to a range of issues...


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