About War Studies

We seek to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, the dissemination of high quality and innovative research, and for member and wider societal networking.

The aims of the War Studies working group are to:

  • maximise interest and participation in War Studies research
  • encourage dissemination of War Studies research amongst the BISA community and beyond
  • provide a platform for establishing links with think tanks, human rights groups, NGOs, the military community, and government sectors
  • publish a new War Studies journal.

War Studies leadership team

  1. Dr James Patton Rogers is the Executive Director of the Cornell Brooks Tech Policy Institute at Cornell University and a founding member of the BISA War Studies leadership team. A war historian, broadcaster, and policy adviser, James is an expert on drone technologies, weaponry, and the history of war. He currently advises the UN Security Council, UNOCT, and NATO on the global proliferation of high-tech weapons systems. His new book, Precision: A History of American Warfare, is out now.
  2. Dr Patrick Bury  is a Senior Lecturer in Security at the PoLIS department at the University of Bath and a founding member of the BISA War Studies leadership team. Specialising in warfare and counter-terrorism, he has over 20 years’ experience of working in the security sector as a practitioner, analyst and academic.
  3. Professor Caroline Kennedy-Pipe is Professor of War Studies at the University of Loughborough and a member of the BISA War Studies leadership team. Caroline is a former President of BISA, Chair of the BISA from 2004 to 2006, and has published extensively on Russia, the Cold War, and terrorism. She has most recently managed funded research projects on IEDS, suicide bombers, and drone warfare. Currently, Caroline works on Arctic Security, Russia and the High North as well as writing a book urban warfare.


Dr James Patton Rogers
Dr James Patton Rogers
Cornell University
Patrick Bury
Dr Patrick Bury
University of Bath
Professor Caroline Kennedy-Pipe
Professor Caroline Kennedy-Pipe
University of Loughborough



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