About South East Europe (SEE)

The group strives to develop and strengthen connections between area-based studies in South East Europe and the study of international politics. In doing so, we engage with a wide and developing list of topics:

  • political economy of statebuilding and Europeanisation; 
  • social movements and activism; 
  • nationalism, populism and authoritarianism; 
  • externally-led statebuilding and peacebuilding processes; 
  • domestic and foreign policies; and many others.

We pay particular attention to processes of region making and interaction, whether as Europeanisation or the dynamics of the region’s ‘eastern context’ (Russia, the Caucuses, the Black Sea, and the Middle East). 

The group is especially interested in developing innovative methodological and conceptual tools to help understand how international politics are made in and make South East Europe. Our aim is to strengthen the network of scholars working on the above themes, and to continue to initiate a dialogue with policy-makers and practitioners interested in South East Europe. Future activities of the working group include joint panels at international conferences, specialised workshops, and joint publications.

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Elena Stavrevska
Dr Elena Stavrevska
University of Bristol
Mate Subasic
Dr Mate Subašić
Manchester Metropolitan University
[Headshot of Tony Horne]
Tony Horne (PGR convener)
University of Portsmouth



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