About Global Health (GHWG)

In addition to continuing to promote interdisciplinary research on the politics and practices of global health being conducted by scholars across British universities (and further afield), the Global Health working group seeks to provide an accessible and supportive platform for PhD and early-career researchers through the development of small workshops and events. In promoting new and exciting global health research, we seek to bring focus and attention to emergent topics of critical importance in global health, such as artificial intelligence, big data, gender disparities, healthcare access in emergencies and mental health. This extends to ongoing areas of concern including health in conflicts, the health-security nexus, technological approaches to healthcare and inequalities of health. It is anticipated that our workshops will serve as important venues for analysis, discussion and research on these new health challenges.


Christopher Long
Queen's University Belfast
Jana Fey
International Space University
Andreas Papamichail
Queen Mary, University of London



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