About International Relations as a Social Science (IRSS)

This group is an invitation to push the boundaries of the discipline and to de-centre ourselves from the way we routinely do, think and speak IR. We aim to create a space open to approaches from other disciplines and to question IR's scientific status and what it means to study international issues from a social scientific perspective in the 21st century. From this perspective, we also aim to highlight IR’s epistemological assumptions as well as its social, economic or political underpinnings.

In addition to sponsoring panels at the BISA annual conference, we welcome proposals for workshops or collaborations that further debates around disciplinary questions, particularly those that address IR’s assumptions, methods and contexts. Past proposals supported by the group include: 

2017 – The world at the door and the local/international 

2018 – Performing utopia 

2018 – Feminism and the social sciences 

2019 – Global Challenges in theory 

2020 – Discourse in International Relations


Audrey Alejandro
London School of Economics
Bernardino Leon Reyes
Science Po Paris
Dr Alex Hoseason
Aberystwyth University



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