How to form a working group

Our Research Sub-Committee welcomes proposals for the establishment of new working groups. 

An initial expression of interest should be directed to the BISA Secretary or Director on If that initial communication is positive, the proposer should provide:  

  • the name of the proposed new working group;
  • a statement of purpose and, if there is any overlap with an existing working group, how a duplication of effort is to be avoided. The statement should demonstrate clearly the distinctive contribution the new group will make to International Studies research, knowledge exchange or pedagogy;
  • a one-year plan of proposed activities with anticipated outcomes;
  • the names of 20 BISA members who agree to belong to the working group;
  • the name of at least two conveners who will be the main points of contact with BISA.

If the proposal is agreed, the Research Sub-Committee will recommend the creation of the working group to the Executive Committee whose decision is final.

New working groups are entitled to a start-up payment of £1,000 to cover their first year of operation. After this point, funding amounts will be determined by the number of members of the working group as of 1 January in any given year.

It is recommended that new conveners read our Working Group Guidance as soon as possible to familiarise themselves with the requirements and conditions of any BISA funding.  

New working groups are also required to submit a one-off six-month report following their establishment.

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