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belonging in between

This article was written by Mazvita Zhou
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My name is Mazvita Zhou, and I am an International Relations and Politics student and a creative. Within this video I attempt to grasp and understand the complexity of belonging in the modern nation state. Being Zimbabwean British, but only growing up in the UK and only holding Zimbabwean citizenship, I sometimes feel disconnected from both identities. So, I took this opportunity within my degree and this new literature to allow myself (for maybe the first time) to explore this incongruous existence. I know I am not alone in contemplating the paradox that being part of the diaspora can bring. I chose the video form because I wanted to show visually the contrast between the places and the culture. Most importantly, this film offers perspectives from myself and the texts I interact with, but also from my father whose relations with the same countries are completely different from mine whilst still being intertwined. This video may not have the answers to politics of belonging, but I hope it’s a voice in the discussion.