BISA book club - Imagining Afghanistan: The history and politics of imperial knowledge

This event will be in Zoom

This event marks the second meeting of the BISA members book club, with a focus on Nivi Manchanda’s book Imagining Afghanistan: The history and politics of imperial knowledge. Nivi’s book was published in 2020 and was awarded the BISA L.H.M Ling Outstanding First Book Prize in 2021.

Dr Manchanda will be joining the book club for this discussion. Attendees are advised to read the book in advance.

We have arranged with Cambridge University Press (CUP) to receive temporary e-copy access to the book for attending BISA members, to enable those who cannot obtain a hard copy to attend and participate. We are extremely grateful to CUP for providing this. If you wish to take up this offer you will need to register by 30 May 2022. Registrations will remain open after that date for those who already have a copy.

Our book club provides members with a forum to discuss a wide range of topics catering for interests across the discipline. Attendees can take in a variety of books – old and new, from the ‘classics’ to the latest hot stuff from innovative thinkers! Members can propose future books and vote on them at the meetings. Sessions begin with the book proposer introducing the book and their interest in it. We then explore the themes and issues raised in the book and have a discussion around it. Where possible, we also invite the author to be part of the session and pose questions to them.

Are you an author who’d like to propose your work for the book club to discuss? Contact Nick Caddick: nick.caddick@aru.ac.uk

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