Careers in Her Majesty's Government

This event will be in Zoom

Speakers in this event will differ from the careers in HMG event held on August 12th.

Are you interested in a career in Her Majesty's Government (HMG)? Or pehaps you want to know more for the benefit of your students?

Come and meet (virtually!) people working in HMG - from diplomats to policymakers to specialists. Our speakers have a range of backgrounds and experience, within and outside of HMG, and will talk about how they got into HMG and what they've done to date.

We’re especially keen to give you an opportunity to ask your questions – from the different routes in, the opportunities there are, whether you need to speak a language to work for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office…or whatever you want to know about.

Registration will close two hours before the advertised event start time.

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