Christendom in International Relations: imaginaries and afterlives - virtual panel

This event will be in Zoom

Chair: Brieg Powel (Exeter)

  • Medieval missionaries and imaginaries of the international

Author: Julia Costa Lopez (University of Groningen)

  • Legitimacy and authority: Middle Age lessons for contemporary superpowers

Author: Luke Cahill (Bath)

  • What is Christendom to Us? Making better sense of Christian sources of international order

Author: John Heathershaw (University of Exeter)

  • Francis of Assisi, the Italian City-State International System And the Countercultural Critique of Christendom

Author: Scott Thomas (Bath)

How should we understand Christendom in world politics and as a referent of IR? Should we consider it a bygone era, a political-theological master-signifier, or a contested object of competing political imaginaries? Have we misunderstood it in the past? Have we understated its legacies and afterlives in contemporary law, politics and security? How do we compare and contrast its varying Western, Eastern and global forms? Research programmes on Post-Christendom and the (post)secular – as well as a variety of work in Theology, Philosophy, History and IR – give rise to these questions.

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