Free event: World order in the 21st century: illiberal orders, a concert of power, or a Western revival - Chatham House sponsored roundtable

This event will be in Zoom

Join us at our 2021 conference for this free public roundtable featuring experts on international order. One of three free events at #BISA2021.

The world has arrived at a new order-building moment, not unlike the post-World War One moment. The balance of power is shifting, and the unipolarity of the early post-Cold War era is giving way to multipolarity. Many of the international norms and institutions that the Western world had begun to take for granted are now contested by state and non-state actors. Democracy has been in decline globally for more than 15 years, and the politics of grievance in consolidated democracies is seemingly entrenched. And yet, the pandemic, climate change, technological change, cybersecurity and the problem of disinformation make clear the need for meaningful cooperation at the international level.

This roundtable brings together scholars working on the problem of international order to mark the joint centennials of Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, Chatham House, and the Council on Foreign Relations. It marks the publication by Foreign Affairs of Anchoring the World, the culmination of the Lloyd George Study Group on World Order.


  • Charlie Kupchan (Georgetown University)

  • Rana Mitter (University of Oxford)

  • John Ikenberry (Princeton University)

  • Jennifer Welsh (McGill University)

  • Daniel Nexon (Georgetown University)

  • Alex Cooley (Barnard College)

  • Peter Trubowitz (LSE)


  • Leslie Vinjamuri (Chatham House)

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