Joint event: BISA and PSA - Considering information literacy in a changed learning environment

This event will be in Zoom

Part of the 'Teaching politics and IR online: “design matters” webinar series'


Speaker: Stephen Thornton (Cardiff)


‘Closed until further notice’ is the common declaration on university library front doors at the moment and, even when libraries re-open, normal service won’t be returning for some time. In addition, the academic year 2020/21 will likely present us the challenge that some of our students will enjoy ready access to a physical library if they happen to be living close by, but others won’t. This session will examine whether this really matters now that ‘we can Google everything’. The rest of the session will explore and discuss ways to design our teaching (online or otherwise) to mitigate any potential problems and generally encourage ample information literacy amongst our students.


Registration will open on Monday 29 June.


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