Joint event: BISA and PSA - Doing it digitally: how online delivery can improve statistics teaching

This event will be in Zoom

Part of the 'Teaching politics and IR online: “design matters” webinar series'


Speakers: Helen Williams (Nottingham)


For decades, students have learned statistical analysis in computer labs, with a demonstrator at the front of the room working through each click of a process, then circulating to answer questions. This has always been challenging because of the different speeds at which students learn and the added complications of catching up late arrivals and computers malfunctioning. But there is a better way! While Helen Williams began teaching statistical analysis through blended learning out of resource-driven necessity, she has since become convinced that this is actually a much better way of teaching statistics. This session reflects on her approach, some of the lessons learned, and some tips and tricks to keep in mind when preparing materials for the first time for online delivery.


Registration will open on Monday 29 June. Registration will close two hours before the event begins.


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