Joint event: BISA and PSA - Pastoral care online

This event will be in Zoom

Part of the 'Teaching politics and IR online: “design matters” webinar series'


Speaker: Cathy Elliott (UCL)


How do we talk about feelings and emotions with students when we are all trapped in little boxes on a screen? When we only see our students online, it is harder to know whether or not they are doing OK. Remote teaching also changes the ways we interact, disrupting all the techniques we have implicitly or explicitly learned to support students and provide pastoral care. We will use this session to talk about the challenges and possibilities of providing pastoral care online. We will look at both one-to-one interactions, such as personal tutoring, and also how to embed pastoral care into module design and delivery. This session will be an opportunity for discussion and sharing of experience, on the understanding that we are all still trying to figure this out.


Registration will open on Monday 29 June.


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