Militarisation in the Sahel: old security practices in a new war theatre - virtual roundtable

This event will be in Zoom

Chair: Olayinka Ajala (University of York)

Participants: Abigail Watson (Oxford Research Group), James Rogers (Yale University), Frowd Philippe (University of Ottawa), Delina Goxho (Open Society Foundations & PAX Netherlands).

This roundtable brings together researchers carrying out work on security practices in the Sahel around two lines of discussion and enquiry. First, the researchers present some of their ongoing work into key trends in the Sahel: the growth of remote warfare, the militarisation of counter-terrorism, aggressive efforts to curb irregular migration towards Northern Africa and Europe, and the increasingly permanent footprint of international presence of foreign actors, devoid of an exit strategy. The participants then draw on these ongoing research observations to tackle the local political stakes of some of these trends, as well as the future prospects for the Sahel as a geopolitical entity and the paradoxical consequences that such transformative efforts may generate in the long term.

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