UG event: The prospects and possibilities of Biden’s foreign policy

This event will be in Zoom

We are delighted to release details of the first undergraduate-focused event of 2021.

Joe Biden’s inauguration as President promises a sea-change in US foreign policy – at least in comparison to the Trump years. Biden has promised to repair relations with America’s NATO allies, restore America’s place in the Paris Agreement on climate change, and to lead initiatives on global health. This sunny view of America’s place in the world will face some early challenges. America’s allies burnt by Trump may well be less trusting of the US whoever is in the White House. Further, countries such as China, Russia, Iran  and North Korea remain deeply suspicious of the US. Thorny issues from wars in Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria – to the global economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, will all require the urgent attention of the new administration. 

To discuss these issues, the Chair of BISA, Mark Webber will be joined by two experts on American foreign policy:

Michael Williams at Syracuse University (New York) and Julie Garey at Northeastern University (Boston).

Following short presentations, you will be able to ask our experts for their thoughts on how the Biden team will face up to its foreign policy challenges and how it will deal with the legacy of the Trump years.

Registration will close 2 hours before the event is due to begin.

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