Uncomfortable histories: decolonising our universities?

This event will be in University of Glasgow

We are pleased to be hosting this free public event with the School of Social & Political Sciences, University of Glasgow. All are welcome.

In 2016 the University of Glasgow acknowledged that it received significant financial gifts and support from people who derived wealth from racial slavery.  This complex historical legacy has led to wide-ranging institutional actions and discussions to acknowledge and address our knowledge of the past.  Recognising Glasgow as a site of (de)industrialisation and empire in conjunction with the University‚Äôs past relationship to slavery and abolition raises important questions regarding the contemporary role of universities in addressing systemic racism in education and society in the UK. 

To discuss these issues, we have an eminent panel of speakers: 

  • Zandra Yeaman, Hunterian Museum Curator of Discomfort, University of Glasgow
  • Councillor Graham Campbell, Glasgow City Council
  • Esraa Husain, writer, community activist, and Postgraduate Researcher, University of Glasgow
  • Dr Stephen Mullen, Research Associate in History, University of Glasgow.

There will be a reception before the lecture begins: 5.30-6.30pm (Wolfson Medical Building)

Places are limited so early registration is advisable and necessary.

If you have registered for the BISA conference then please still register for this event.

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