The Wonderful World of Webinars - how to develop inclusive online teaching

This event will be in Zoom

A former teacher, Alistair McNaught has a wealth of experience of e-learning, inclusivity and accessibility in both HE, FE and in the public sector. He contributed to the All Party Parliamentary Group for Assistive Technology, OfQual's Access Consultation Forum and the DfE EdTech experts group (AT). He is a co-chair of the Digital Accessibility Working Group, and an active member of the Publishers Association Accessibility Action Group. He is also part of the UK Future Teacher EU project, developing re-purposeable training resources for FE and HE.

In this webinar Alistair will discuss how to develop inclusive online teaching, covering both different learning preferences and accessibility needs. He will explore the new possibilities the current move to online teaching will bring - from just-in-time student support to online lectures, and facilitated discussion to student presentation. By the end of the webinar you’ll have explored some inclusive practices and have a better understanding of how different platforms and set ups can help.

Alistair will look at the relevant theories, techniques, tools and technologies, and unpick the common elements and considerations that apply regardless of what tools and systems your institution provides.

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