Distinguished Contribution Prize

Our Distinguished Contribution Prize recognises contribution to the promotion of excellence in the discipline of International Studies over a substantial period of time. To be considered for this prize you need to have made a contribution of demonstrable distinction to the intellectual development and the leadership of the discipline, including through formal leadership roles within and beyond your own university, with a record of achievement that is recognised as having added considerable prestige to International Studies in the UK and beyond.

The winner will be recognised at our annual conference and will receive a glass plaque.

The selection process

A selection panel is formed and chaired by our Honorary President, reporting to the Executive Committee. The panel takes soundings across the discipline and makes a recommendation to the Executive Committee.  We reserve the right not to give the award in any given year.

Past recipients

  • 2023 Professor Andrew Linklater (posthumous)
  • 2022 Joint winners Professor Christopher Hill (Cambridge University) and Professor Shirin Rai (University of Warwick)
  • 2021 Joint winners Professor Jenny Edkins (University of Manchester) and Professor Rosemary Hollis (posthumous)
  • 2020 Professor Margot Light (London School of Economics)
  • 2019 No prize awarded
  • 2018 Professor Ken Booth (Aberystwyth University)
  • 2017 Professor Mary Kaldor (London School of Economics)
  • 2016 Professor Barry Buzan (London School of Economics)
  • 2015 inaugural prize Professor Kimberley Hutchings (Queen Mary University of London)
Experienced International Studies professional

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