Book talk - 'Assisting International Justice: Cooperation Between UN Peace Operations and the International Criminal Court in the Democratic Republic of Congo'

This event will be in Zoom

The Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding Working Group are pleased to welcome Tom Buitelaar who will present his book, and then there will be space for a question and answer on the topics raised.

Although the International Criminal Court (ICC) - as the only permanent international court that addresses crimes against humanity, genocide, and war crimes - has important potential to end impunity and find justice for victims of atrocities, it is dependent on others for almost all aspects of its functioning. The Court has frequently relied on the peacekeeping operations that the UN deploys in the field and, over the past two decades, UN peacekeepers have provided logistical assistance and security to Court investigators, shared large amounts of information, and have even been involved in the arrest of Court suspects. But their track record has been inconsistent: they have sometimes refused to take action against people accused of war crimes and have found it difficult to balance their impartiality with court prosecutions. Despite the empirical importance of this phenomenon, we know preciously little about the circumstances under which it occurs.

In Assisting International Justice, Buitelaar reveals the conditions under which UN peacekeepers address impunity in their mission areas. He presents an original single-country case study of assistance provided by the UN mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and a plausibility probe of other peace operations in ICC situation countries. Relying on new empirical material, including over 130 interviews of key decision-makers, and comprehensive archival research, this scholarly volume explores how the UN navigates the terrain of conflict mediation and punitive accountability and demonstrates the collaborative but contingent relationship between the UN and the ICC.

Find out more and purchase the book via the Oxford University Press website. Receive 30% off using the code ASFLYQ6.

Dr Tom Buitelaar is an Assistant Professor in the War, Peace and Justice programme of the Institute of Security and Global Affairs at Leiden University. He studies and teaches on the role of international conflict interventions in world politics, with specific attention on how interveners balance peace and justice, and is also interested in how international norms guide these interventions and the role of individual agency in enhancing their effectiveness.

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