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Best of the fortnight - 10 March 2023

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BISA Director Juliet Dryden and Communications Assistant Louis Newstead have scoured the internet for IR-related content that might interest you. Here they bring you the past fortnight's best readings and podcasts to keep you up to date with what's happening around the world.

Global Issues

Women politicians pay too high a personal cost for their leadership. Parveen Akhtar, Anne Jenichen, and Patricia Correa for The Conversation

Innovation Power: Why Technology Will Define the Future of Geopolitics. Eric Schmidt for Foreign Affairs 

Podcast: Where are the women? Exploring the experiences of women in conflict. KCL War Studies    

Podcast: Empathy in decision making analysis and OSINT with Claire Yorke from The World of Intelligence, Janes Podcasts

Russia and Ukraine

The astonishing endurance of unity in Ukraine. Nigel Gould-Davies in Foreign Affairs

How close is the world to a wider conflict? Tim Willasey-Wilsey for RUSI

Ukraine war is blurring the lines between Nato and the EU on defence policy. Baris Celik for The Conversation 

Podcast: Russia invasion one year on.  Independent Thinking, Chatham House podcast

Podcast: Axis of Autocrats: Putin, Xi and Lukashenko. World Review from the New Statesman 


China’s hidden tech revolution. How Beijing threatens US dominance. Dan Wang in Foreign Affairs.

Ukraine: Beijing’s peace initiative offers glimpse at how China plans to win the war. Stefan Wolff for The Conversation

China: why Beijing has decided this is the year to ‘unify’ with Taiwan. Jose Caballero for The Conversation 

How to avoid war over Taiwan. The Economist

Podcast: Not so Pacific: The frightening prospect of war over Taiwan. The Intelligence from The Economist 

Podcast: How China lost Europe – European relations with Beijing. World Review from the Economist.


Georgia’s new foreign agent law puts the country on the verge of a human rights crisis. Nino Ugrekhelidze and Salome Chagelishvili for openDemocracy

It took an earthquake to reopen the border between Turkey and Armenia. Christina Soloyan for openDemocracy 

What Limits Any U.S. Alliance With India Over China. Michael Schuman for The Atlantic 


Why Biden might drop his vice president (and reasons why he shouldn’t). Dafydd Townley for the Conversation

Why the 2024 election cycle could result in more threats to US democracy. Richard Hargy for The Conversation   

The U.S. wants Europe to stand up to China. Europe says: Not so fast. Suzanne Lynch, Nahal Toosi, Barbara Moens, and Erin Banco for Politico

Can Biden’s New Asylum Policy Help Solve the Migrant Crisis? Diana Roy for Council on Foreign Relations 

United Kingdom and Europe

Britain must get real about its place in the world. John Kampfner for the World Today

How to fix the channel crossings. David Normington in Prospect Magazine

Illegal immigration bill does more than ‘push the boundaries’ of international law. Helen O’Nions for The Conversation

Inquiries differ on why the 2017 Manchester bombing wasn’t prevented – here’s why. Jamie Gaskarth for The Conversation 

Prevent review: why we need a new – and clearer – definition of Islamist extremism. Julian Hargreaves for The Conversation

Sunak and Macron prepare show of unity as Putin looks on. Read on in Politico

Sunak’s EU reset. How the UK hopes to mend fences with Europe. Matthias Matthijs in Foreign Affairs

Ursula von der Leyen’s disgruntled party may snarl her re-election in Europe. Paul Hokenoss for Foreign Policy

The EU must accelerate its next enlargement. Jeremy Cliffe for the New Statesman

Why European Defense Still Depends on America. Max Bermann and Sophia Besch for Foreign Affairs

Finland’s Turn to the West. Gordon F. Sander for The New York Review of Books 

Podcast: Who Blew Up the Nord Stream Pipelines? The Daily from The New York Times 

Which European power is Britain’s closest ally? Stephen Booth for Council on Geostrategy

Middle East

After the Iran deal. Is plan B to contain the Islamic Republic? Suzanne Maloney in Foreign Affairs.

How Britain’s broken asylum system props up the Iranian government. Josh Askew for Open Democracy

Disenchantment and devastation in Syria. Charles Glass for the New York Review of Books.

Israelis protest Netanyahu government’s brutality and plans to undermine rule of law. John Strawson for The Conversation

Enforcing Apartheid in the West Bank. Tareq Baconi for The New York Review of Books 

Netanyahu Can’t Have It All. Amos Yadlin for Foreign Affairs 

Podcast: : The Afghan women who will not be silenced. From Intelligence Squared


The United States Should Not Play Russia’s Game in Africa. Michelle Gavin for Council on Foreign Relations

Mercenary Shocks: What The War In Ukraine Will Eventually Mean For Africa. Raphael Parens for War on the Rocks

How America plans to break China’s grip on African minerals. The Economist 

Kenya: The political education of William Ruto. Carey Baraka for the New York Review of Books

Podcast: Nigeria votes from Independent Thinking. Chatham House

Latin America

Mexico protests: fears for democracy prompt mass demonstrations. Rosario Aguilar for The Conversation

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