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Best of the fortnight - 14 July 2023

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Guest Editor Louis Newstead has scoured the internet for IR-related content that might interest you. Here he brings you the past fortnight's best readings and podcasts to keep you up to date with what's happening around the world.

UK and Europe 

Why UK court ruled Rwanda isn’t a safe place to send refugees – and what this means for the government’s immigration plans. Natalie Hodgson for The Conversation 

Podcast: France on fire, Thames Water troubles, and NHS privatisation. The Rest is Politics 

Rise in German far-right reflects growing sentiment against Ukraine war. Suzanne Loftus for Responsible Statecraft 

Russia and Ukraine 

Soviet aggression prompted the birth of the Nato alliance – here’s why that matters now. Jan Ruzicka and Gerald Hughes for The Conversation 

Sweden is joining Nato: what that means for the alliance and the war in Ukraine. Simon J Smith and Jordan Becker for The Conversation 

Nato: Vilnius summit will reflect fresh sense of purpose over Ukraine war – but hard questions remain over membership issues. Mark Webber for The Conversation 

Why did Lukashenka invite Wagner rebels to Belarus? Igor Ilyash for openDemocracy 

Inside the Ukrainian city threatened with nuclear sabotage. Kris Parker for openDemocracy 


How Much Aid Has the U.S. Sent Ukraine? Here Are Six Charts. Jonathan Masters and Will Merrow for Council on Foreign Relations 

Podcast: Many Countries Banned Cluster Munitions. The U.S. is Sending them to Ukraine Anyway. The Daily from The New York Times 

Should America Push Ukraine to Negotiate With Russia? Dmytro Natalukha; Alina Polyakova and Daniel Fried; Angela Stent; Samuel Charap for Foreign Affairs 

How America Can Win Over the Global South. Suzanne Nossel for Foreign Affairs 

Latin America 

Qatar emerges as go-between on frozen US-Venezuela front. Eldar Mamedov for Responsible Statecraft 


How China Exports Secrecy. Christopher Walker for Foreign Affairs 

What is China doing in Yemen? Emily Milliken for Responsible Statecraft 

Yellen visits China amid worst economic tension in decades. Jake Werner for Responsible Statecraft 


Will Thailand move forward? Walden Bello and Kheetanat Synth Wannaboworn for Responsible Statecraft 

The Indo-Pacific is no place for NATO. Yelena Biberman for Responsible Statecraft 

Taiwan boosts economic diplomacy despite Chinese pressure. Emanuele Scimia for Responsible Statecraft 

Middle East 

Death in Jenin: Israel’s biggest attack in the West Bank in 20 years is down to Netanyahu’s political weakness – here’s why. Leonie Fleischmann for The Conversation 

Jenin attack created 4,000 new refugees, part of the endless cycle of Palestinian displacement since 1948. Anne Irfan for The Conversation 

The Gulf Goes Green. Karen E. Young for Foreign Affairs 

Podcast: What the raid on Jenin says about the future of Israel and Palestine. Today in Focus from The Guardian 


Rising sexual violence in Sudan conflict reflects entrenched patriarchy – but women and girls are fighting back. Tamsin Bradley for The Conversation 

Why schoolchildren are regularly being targeted by terrorist groups in many countries. Brian J. Phillips for The Conversation 

Power Struggle in Sudan. Center for Preventative Action by Council on Foreign Relations 

Podcast: Group dynamics: Wagner in Africa. The Intelligence from The Economist 

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