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Best of the fortnight - 16 June 2023

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Guest Editor Louis Newstead has scoured the internet for IR-related content that might interest you. Here he brings you the past fortnight's best readings and podcasts to keep you up to date with what's happening around the world.

UK and Europe

Illegal migration bill: the concern for children’s rights keeping the House of Lords up all night. Elizabeth A. Faulkner for The Conversation

How activity in outer space will affect regional inequalities in the future. Matthew Finch for The Conversation

The Illegal Migration Bill matters beyond UK borders. Rashmin Sagoo for Chatham House

Russia and Ukraine

Ukraine war: what international law says about the Russians fighting against their own country. David Turns for The Conversation

Could the Ukraine dam attack pose risks to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant? Experts explain. Thomas Froehlich and Olena Lennon for The Conversation

What Ukraine dam breach means for the country’s counteroffensive and aid deployment. Christopher Morris for The Conversation

How Russia is shifting to a war economy in the face of international sanctions. Christoph Bluth for The Conversation

Ukraine war: the psychological and political impact of the drone attacks in Russia – an expert explains. Ben Soodavar for The Conversation

West’s response to Kakhovska Dam destruction highlights anxieties on Ukraine. Paul Rogers for openDemocracy


Biden’s Iran Gamble. Eric Brewer and Henry Rome for Foreign Affairs

US (rightly) calls for the expansion of the UN Security Council. Ted Galen Carpenter for Responsible Statecraft

US lags as the Middle East embraces a new geopolitical era. Mehran Haghirian for Responsible Statecraft


Hong Kong: crackdown on vigils to commemorate 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre show Beijing’s fear of the power of memory. Tao Zhang for The Conversation

What It Will Take to Deter China in the Taiwan Strait. David Sacks and Ivan Kanapathy for Foreign Affairs. 

China and the West Are Coming Apart. Can China’s Economy Continue to Rise? Michael Schuman for The Atlantic

What if China really did develop COVID as a bioweapon? Here are the issues involved. Michelle Bentley for The Conversation

A New Cold War Could Be Much Worse Than the One We Remember. Charles A. Kupchan for The Atlantic


AUKUS Explained: How Will the Trilateral Pact Shape Indo-Pacific Security? Lauren Kahn for Council on Foreign Relations

India as It Is: Washington and New Delhi Share Interests, Not Values. Daniel Markey for Foreign Affairs. 

Pakistan’s Military Still Runs the Show. Aqil Shah for Foreign Affairs

Caught in the middle? East Asians worried about US-China conflict. Jim Lobe for Responsible Statecraft

Podcast: I, of the tiger: India’s influential diaspora. The Intelligence from The Economist

Middle East

Israel’s Annexation of the West Bank Has Already Begun. Dahlia Scheindlin and Yael Berda for Foreign Affairs 

Netanyahu Sends in the Clowns. Yair Rosenberg for The Atlantic

The Arab Spring Is in Its Death Spiral. Does the West Still Care? Kim Ghattas for The Atlantic

Iran’s Supreme Leader opens space for possible nuclear deal. Sina Toossi for Responsible Statecraft

How will geopolitics shape Turkey’s international future? Galip Dalay for Chatham House


Sudan conflict: how China and Russia are involved and the differences between them. Marcel Plichta and Mateja Peter for The Conversation

Africa’s Struggle Toward Inclusive LGBTQ+ Laws. Mariel Ferragamo and Kali Robinson for Council on Foreign Relations

Diplomacy Watch: S. Africa suggests moving BRICS summit to China. Connor Echols for Responsible Statecraft

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