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Best of the fortnight - 22 September 2023

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Guest Editor Louis Newstead has scoured the internet for IR-related content that might interest you. Here he brings you the past fortnight's best readings and podcasts to keep you up to date with what's happening around the world. 

Global Issues

When will Western states heed climate crisis warnings like the Derna floods? Paul Rogers for openDemocracy

Action on Planet and People Depends on Growth. A. Michael Spence, Anu Madgavkar and Sven Smit for Council on Foreign Affairs

UK and Europe

Albania: how one of the most corrupt countries in Europe is tackling crime at the highest level. Andi Hoxhaj for The Conversation

‘The battlefield is in the city’: Journalist speaks from Nagorno-Karabakh. Thomas Rowley for openDemocracy

How the UK’s arms trade funnels public cash into private pockets. Khem Rogaly for openDemocracy

EU ambition shows exiled Belarus opposition is out of touch. Paul Hansbury for openDemocracy

Russia and Ukraine

Ukraine war: reports suggest that Russia has been deliberately targeting journalists – which is a war crime. Kelly Bjorklund and Simon J Smith for The Conversation

The signs that the EU has completely changed its perspective on adding new members since Russia invaded Ukraine. Nora Siklodi and Nándor Révész for The Conversation

Russian and North Korea artillery deal paves the way for dangerous cyberwar alliance. Robert M Dover for The Conversation

Ukraine war: US and allies may supply longer-range missiles – how this would change the conflict. Christoph Bluth for The Conversation

Ukraine war: capture of key Black Sea outposts and strike on Crimea show Kyiv’s increasing confidence. Gavin E L Hall for The Conversation


Is US democracy on trial? Five ‘stress tests’ to watch as Trump battles Biden and the justice system. Thomas Gift for The Conversation

American Hatred Goes Global: How the United States Became a Leading Exporter of White Supremacist Terrorism. Bruce Hoffman and Jacob Ware for Foreign Affairs

Biden at the UN: Inclusive Internationalism. Esther Brimmer for Council on Foreign Relations

Podcast: Argo the sequel: America and Iran’s hostage deal. The Intelligence from The Economist

Latin America

How disappearance became a global weapon of psychological control, 50 years on from Chile’s US-backed coup. Brad Evans for The Conversation

Activists brace for fight to uphold oil ban in Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest. Cecilia Osorio for openDemocracy

Why Washington Still Needs Colombia. Michael Shifter and Andrea Colombo for Foreign Affairs


American Universities Shouldn’t Cut All Ties With China. L. Rafael Reif for Foreign Affairs


Bharat: why the recent push to change India’s name has a hidden agenda. Nitasha Kaul for The Conversation

Why Modi Can’t Make India a Great Power. Sushant Singh for Foreign Affairs

Taiwan’s Path Between Extremes. Hou Yu-ih for Foreign Affairs

Is ASEAN the Indo-Pacific's ultimate power broker? Alejandro Reyes for Responsible Statecraft

Middle East

Mahsa Amini: a year into the protest movement in Iran, this is what’s changed. Afshin Shahi for The Conversation

Libya flood disaster: scale of the catastrophe must bring the two warring factions together. Dina Rezk for The Conversation

Oslo accords: 30 years on, the dream of a two-state solution seems further away than ever. John Strawson for The Conversation

Human smuggling from Syria to Cyprus overtakes Lebanon route. Leon Spring and Raed Al Halabi for openDemocracy


Carbon markets that benefit the West will not solve Africa’s climate crisis. Claire Nasike and Peter Osogo for openDemocracy

The New Crisis in Darfur. Alex de Waal for Foreign Affairs

'Bonapartism' infects, leads to military coups in Africa. Simon Taylor for Responsible Statecraft

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