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Best of the fortnight - 6 April 2023

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Guest Editor Louis Newstead has scoured the internet for IR-related content that might interest you. Here he brings you the past fortnight's best readings and podcasts to keep you up to date with what's happening around the world.

Global Issues

We must face up to neoliberalism’s flaws if we’re to halt climate breakdown. Paul Rogers for openDemocracy

Confronting the New Nuclear Peril. Ernest J. Moniz and Sam Nunn for Foreign Affairs

Podcast: Does brain drain hurt the Global South? Borders & Belonging by openDemocracy

UK and Europe

Finland joins Nato in a major blow to Putin which doubles the length of the alliance’s border with Russia. Simon J Smith for The Conversation

UK accused of ‘washing its hands’ of Iraqi refugees. Adam Bychawski and Anita Mureithi for openDemocracy

Are humanitarian visas the solution to the UK’s ‘small boats’ crisis? Zoe Gardner for openDemocracy

Rethinking Western policy towards Belarus. Ryhor Astapenia for Chatham House

A wartime NATO struggles to replace its chief. Lili Bayer for Politico

Russia and Ukraine

Ukraine war: US issues Nato weapons playing cards to help Ukraine avoid friendly fire. Matthew Powell for The Conversation

Ukraine: Kremlin warning of ‘forever war’ reflects shifting Russian rhetoric about ‘special military operation’. Stephen Hall for The Conversation

The problems with Ukraine’s wartime diplomacy in the Global South. Chelsea Ngoc Minh Nguyen for openDemocracy

Millions of people are leaving Russia – here’s why. Alexander Etkind for openDemocracy


Donald Trump: what he’s charged with, what happens next, and what it may mean for the 2024 election. Emma Long for The Conversation

Donald Trump: polling suggests criminal charges won’t dampen his support. Dafydd Townley for The Conversation

Ripping up Trump’s ‘battle plan’ of attack on Mexico’s cartels. Christopher Fettweis for Responsible Statecraft

Latin America

Lula and the world: what to expect from the new Brazilian foreign policy. Guilherme Casarões for The Conversation

Maduro the Survivor: Why Washington Must Play the Long Game in Venezuela. Michael Shifter for Foreign Affairs


Emmanuel Macron wants to charm China — after failing with Putin. Clea Caulcutt, Stuart Lau, and Jonathan Lemire for Politico

America and China Need to Talk. Scott Kennedy and Wang Jisi for Foreign Affairs

Destructive Decoupling. A. Michael Spence for Project Syndicate

What the US and its allies get wrong about Chinese neutrality. Ryan Martínez Mitchell for Responsible Statecraft

Podcast: What he wants, what Xi wants: Macron in China. The Intelligence from The Economist


Mongolia: squeezed between China and Russia fears ‘new cold war’. Christoph Bluth for The Conversation

Asia’s Third Way: How ASEAN Survives—and Thrives—Amid Great-Power Competition. Kishore Mahbubani for Foreign Affairs

Guam, where America’s next war may begin. The Economist

Middle East

Israel protests: Netanyahu delays judicial reforms over fears of ‘civil war’ – but deep fault-lines threaten future of democracy. John Strawson for The Conversation

How Sanctions Hurt Iran’s Protesters. Esfandyar Batmanghelidj for Foreign Affairs

The fallacy of a US withdrawal from the Middle East. James M. Dorsey for Responsible Statecraft

How will Israel respond to the Saudi-Iran détente? Giorgio Cafiero and Shehab Al Makahleh for Responsible Statecraft

Podcast: Israel chaos: has Benjamin Netanyahu lost control? World Review from The New Statesman


What you need to know about Uganda’s anti-LGBTIQ bill. Khatondi Soita Wepukhulu for openDemocracy

The Era of Good Feelings. Ebenezer Obadare for Council on Foreign Relations

Podcast: America has a problem in Africa: China. The Daily from The New York Times

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