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BISA members awarded early-career and learning and teaching grants

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Each year BISA awards Early-Career Small Research Grants (ECSRGs) and Learning and Teaching Small Grants to members. We’re pleased to announce this year’s awardees and the projects they’ll be undertaking.

The ECSRGs provide up to £3,000 per grant for research in International Studies or a related sub-field. This year’s recipients are:

  • Saba Joshi (York) - Gender and Land-Use Change in South and Southeast Asian Resource Frontiers. Saba will investigate how land acquisition for plantations, contract farming and mining projects have impacted upon gender relations in local smallholder communities in selected regions of Cambodia and India - key hotspots for large-scale land acquisitions in Asia.
  • Samah Rafiq (KCL) - State-private Hybrid Regimes of Migration Control. The purpose of this project is to begin research on the understudied, undertheorised and novel phenomenon of outsourcing and privatisation in the visa applications processing part of migration control, and its implications on our understanding and practice of security, with an empirical focus on the UK and India.
  • Suwita Hani Randhawa (UWE) - Ecocide: A 21st century international crime in the making? This project investigates the criminalization of ecocide in global politics, unique for being the only instance of international criminalization since 1945, but also one which is still in the process of unfolding.
  • Lama Tawakkol (Manchester) - Imperialism’s Past, Present and Future: The Political Economy of Jordan’s Water-for-Energy Deal. Lama will focus on the water-for-energy deal as a lens into (geo)politics, capitalist relations and power asymmetries in the region, particularly as they pertain to water governance and politics in Jordan.

The Learning and Teaching Small Grants  are provided to support a discrete piece of international studies related teaching activity and/or pedagogic research. This year’s recipients are:

  • Norma Rossi - But can it be applied? Reflections on the Theory and Practice of Security. This project enhances the pedagogy of security by focusing on the relationship between theory and practice, with a specific emphasis on critical, feminist, and postcolonial approaches to the study of security. the project brings security studies scholars and practitioners together to discuss and teach how the relationship between thinking and practicing security is embodied in their work and pedagogical practices in the classroom.

In addition to the ECSRG and L&T grants, we also allocate funds to our working group and PGN activities, our Founders’ Fund for PhD students and bursaries for the annual conference. Our individual funds are tailored to provide support at each stage of your academic career.


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