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BISA members book club launch

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We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be launching a new benefit for BISA members in 2022 – a BISA book club.

The book club will provide members with a forum to discuss a wide range of topics catering for interests across the discipline. You’ll be able to take in a variety of books – old and new, from the ‘classics’ to the latest hot stuff from innovative thinkers! Members will also be able to propose future books and vote on them at the meetings.

Sessions will begin with the book proposer introducing the book and their interest in it. We’ll then explore the themes and issues raised in the book and have a discussion around it. Where possible, we’ll also invite the author to be part of the session and pose questions to them.

Trustee Nick Caddick will convene the group and has chosen Jenny Edkins’ ‘Trauma and the memory of politics’ (Cambridge University Press) as the first read. Furthermore, Jenny has confirmed she is able to attend the book club session so we can discuss the book with her directly. Jenny was the joint winner of this year’s BISA Distinguished Contribution Prize and is a prominent IR scholar.

The first book club meeting will take place on Wednesday 16 February 2022 at 2pm, and attendees should read the book in advance. Many members will of course be able to access the book via their institution, but we have arranged with Cambridge University Press (CUP) to receive temporary e-copy access to the book for BISA members to enable those who cannot obtain a hard copy to attend and participate. We are extremely grateful to CUP who have provided this to us free of charge for the launch.

We hope to see you at the inaugural event and registration is open now. Please do register by Monday 10 January if you would like to take advantage of the free e-copy of the book. Registrations will remain open after that date for those who already have a copy.

Are you an author who’d like to propose your work for the book club to discuss? Contact Nick Caddick: nick.caddick@aru.ac.uk


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