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BISA statement on procurement practices

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Dear Members,

This summer, our Association will be taking a significant step forward in enhancing our integrity by developing guidelines for our procurement practices. This initiative is driven by our commitment to ensuring that all aspects of BISA's operations align with our core values as an organisation dedicated to promoting and developing International Studies in the United Kingdom and beyond. 

These new procurement guidelines will complement our existing policies, including our anti-slavery and human trafficking policy and our anti-bribery and corruption policy. By enhancing our internal regulatory framework, we aim to reinforce our dedication to ethical conduct and social responsibility across all our activities.

These guidelines will also support the Duties of BISA trustees to:

  • only undertake activities that are within BISA's objectives and powers;
  • act only in the interests of BISA and its beneficiaries; and
  • make decisions in line with their duty of care and duty to act prudentially.

At this juncture, we wish to clarify a few key points about our current status:

  • BISA does not have an investment portfolio or any endowments--our modest reserves are primarily allocated to bridge expenditure required to organise activities like our annual conference.
  • BISA does not have any formal institutional collaborations/relationships outside of the UK.

Members can expect further updates on the development and implementation of these procurement guidelines in the autumn.

Thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to seeing many of you next week in Birmingham for #BISA2024!

Best wishes

Professor Kyle Grayson

Chair of BISA