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Call for top five favourite books – Partnership with

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We are embarking on a partnership with Shepherd, a book discovery website where authors and experts share their favourite books. 

Shepherd help readers discover books in a new way while helping authors get their book in front of the most interested readers. They work with authors to get their five favourite books on a topic or theme they are passionate about, and three to four lines on why they recommend each of those books. Then, they feature the author and one of their books alongside that list. They also promote the author, their book, and their book lists throughout their website and marketing channels.

Shepherd have asked to us to gather a list of interested experts from within the IR community who we can put forward. The favourite book content will be featured and marketed by both Shepherd and BISA.                        

Shepherd launched in April 2021 and are growing fast. In the last 12 months they have had 4.8 million visitors to their website, so we are confident that participation will give you some useful exposure.

Any individual who wishes to take part should have a recently published book (within the past 12 months) that can be featured alongside your favourite books.

If you meet the above requirement, and are interested in getting involved, please email by 31 January 2024 with the following information:

  • Your name and preferred contact email
  • Affiliation
  • The topic your five books would cover e.g. Palestine/Israel, Winston Churchill, Emotions in IR, feminist IR etc (you can see their IR bookshelf for an idea of what they have already covered)
  • The details of your own book that would feature alongside the favourite books.

Photo by Tony Hand on Unsplash