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Do something great: become a BISA working group convener

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We currently have several vacant convener positions and are now looking for committed and dedicated academics to take ownership of several of our working groups for at least two years starting immediately.

Becoming a working group convener is a great opportunity to really shape your area of research and expand your networks and horizons. Convener roles can be challenging, but hugely enjoyable and a great stepping stone for the next stage in your career.

Former Post-Structural Politics Working Group convener, Christina Oelgemoller, said of her time as a convener:

ā€œI have been very honoured to have been co-convener to the PPWG and its community over the past years. Iā€™d recommend being a BISA working group convener because this role has the potential to facilitate groups of people sharing ideas and working towards communicating ideas in different ways. I have loved enabling collaboration both off-line and more recently in the online world, being guided by the initiative of members and also offering some thoughts for members to take up.ā€
Christina Oelgemoller

Working together with a fellow convener and taking responsibility for the members of your group, you will have use of the our virtual event platform and registration system, receive technical and administrative support, and be able to apply to both virtual and face-to-face event funding streams. You'll also have a section for your group on the BISA website and help with promoting your activities.

We expect our conveners to be active, bringing in new members and putting on at least two events in the course of the year for the members and the wider BISA community. These could be virtual events (panels/roundtables, workshops, mini conferences), or in-person. You could also opt for a series of blogs and articles for your section of the BISA website. Finally, conveners lead on the selection of panels/roundtables submitted to their working group steam for our annual conference.

Current vacant convenerships

Contemporary Research on International Political Theory (CRIPT) ā€“ one/two positions available. There are two PhD reps currently looking after this group but one or two academics at ECR level or above are needed to fulfil the requirements. For an informal chat about the role please contact the BISA Director Juliet Dryden:, or to apply please contact the BISA office:

Critical Studies on Terrorism (CST) - two positions available from September 2022 until summer 2025 (but handover to take place from end of June to September). Please email a 250 word bio on PDF to, by 15 April as this group will hold elections.

Please note that all conveners must be academics, and one per working group must hold a permanent position at a UK higher education institution.