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RIS and EJIS remove requirement for place of publication for references and citations

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Following on from our joint move to format-free initial submissions, we’re pleased to implement a smaller but timely change for both of our journals. The European Journal of International Security (EJIS) and Review of International Studies (RIS) will no longer require place of publication to be listed in references and citations.

Following a change recently announced in the forthcoming, eighteenth edition of The Chicago Manual of Style, our authors no longer need to list a place name as part of the publisher information for books, edited volumes, handbooks, or other reference works. So, for example, what was previously cited as (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2024) should henceforth be cited as (Cambridge University Press, 2024). 

Both RIS and EJIS place a priority on author-friendly submission processes. Format-free submission was a significant shift in this regard. 

As EJIS lead editor, Andrew Mumford, notes 

"the removal of place of publication is another step that the two BISA journals are making to smooth the writing and publishing process for our authors."
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RIS co-lead editor, Andrew Hom, adds that

"while it may only save authors dozens of words per submission, our experience suggests it may save significant time (and irritation) for those who keep less-than-complete reference notes, who cannot remember whether a particular book was published by the US or UK branch of a publisher, or who have never been able to understand how place of publication helps readers vet a supporting reference."
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If you are thinking of submitting an article to either journal, please take a look at the authors information page on the RIS or EJIS websites.