James flint and Nicola Langdon

Supporting our community: fundraising for James Flint

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We are shocked and saddened to find out that BISA member James Flint is battling a Grade 4 Glioblastoma (GBM), the most aggressive type of brain cancer.

James has been an active member of the BISA community over the past few years including presenting at two of our annual conferences. He is just 34 years old and recently completed his PhD. His wife Nicola Langdon is also a valued member of the BISA community and co-convenor of the Foreign Policy Working Group.

Having beaten cancer in 2015, a routine MRI showed a recurrence of James’ cancer late last year. Through the NHS, James is currently receiving chemotherapy every month, but Glioblastoma is notoriously resistant to such treatments.

James and his family are now seeking immunotherapy treatment options to extend James’ life. As this treatment isn’t currently approved by NICE in the UK, he and his family have to fund the treatment themselves - which will also involve regular travel to Germany.

Whether you know James well, have seen him at an event, or can just imagine how tough his situation is, please consider donating via his GoFundMe page if you can.