Candidates in the BISA 2021 elections

Trustee election results announced

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The votes have been counted, and we are delighted to announce the newly elected members of our Executive Committee. Alongside a small team of BISA employees, BISA is run by volunteer trustees who sit on our Executive Committee.

In May 2021 eligible members voted for new trustees to fill the vacant positions of Vice-Chair, Secretary and three regular trustees. Following closure of the voting the results were ratified at the most recent BISA Executive Committee meeting. At that meeting, it was decided to appoint four new regular trustees rather than just three. Our Articles of Association allow up to 13, and the extra appointment brings us to a total of 12. The results were close, and it was felt that each candidate had unique skills that would contribute to our current goals. We are therefore pleased to report that the following have been elected:

  • Vice-Chair - Kyle Grayson (Newcastle University)
  • Secretary – Toni Haastrup (University of Stirling)

Regular trustees

  • Kurt Mills (University of Dundee) - Joint Conference Chair
  • Georgina Holmes (King's College London) - Joint Conference Chair
  • Ilan Baron (Durham University) – Teaching and Learning lead
  • Nick Caddick (Anglia Ruskin University)

The voter turnout for this year’s election was slightly higher than in the last election, and we thank you for your increased engagement.

The new trustees will take up their roles from the end of June 2021 and everyone at BISA is looking forward to working with them. Congratulations on being elected!

We would like to give our sincere thanks to our outgoing trustees: Ben Kienzle, Vicki Squire, Julia Welland and our current Chair, Mark Webber, who will become the next BISA President. Ruth Blakeley, the incoming Chair said:

“All of us at BISA are truly grateful for the length and quality of Mark’s service. His contribution in professionalising the Association by employing a skilled team, updating governance procedures, overseeing the new website and memberships system, alongside his valued investment in Learning and Teaching have ensured we are relevant to the future of IR.”

In addition, co-opted Teaching and Learning lead, Ross Bellaby, has come to the end of his time on the Executive Committee and our thanks go to him also.

For more information about the elections visit our elections page. More information on each candidate is also available.