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There's lots going on this month for our journal European Journal of International Security (EJIS). Read on to find out about the latest Open Access articles, special collections and EJIS at the BISA 2023 conference.

New articles

This month the EJIS editorial team is pleased to share a number of new research articles. Young analyses current security assumptions and their implications for the assessment of stratospheric aerosol injections in ‘Considering stratospheric aerosol injections beyond an environmental frame: The intelligible ‘emergency’ techno-fix and preemptive security.’ Ding and Dahoe examine the impact of electricity on military affairs and the relevance of this for contemporary debates about artificial intelligence in their article titled ‘Engines of power: Electricity, AI, and general-purpose, military transformations.' Meanwhile, Bower and Lantis show how US administrations have used diplomatic strategies and US tactics to preserve the international legal framework governing outer space, and to protect US national security priorities.  Brosig’s recent article takes the case of military ad-hoc coalitions in the Lake Chad Basin and Sahel to show the functional differentiation between the African Peace and Security Architecture and the African Security Regime Complex. 

Special collections

There are three current EJIS special collections not to be missed in 2023. The most recent special collection on nuclear issues features articles analysing issues related to nuclear weapons, nuclear technology, nuclear strategy, deterrence, arms control, proliferation and disarmament. The special collection on Gender and Security brings together innovative research on gendered norms and attitudes, the UN’s Women, Peace and Security agenda and gender in relation to peacekeeping, conflict, political violence and extremism. Finally, the EJIS special collection on Cyber-Security features contributions on ethics, escalation online, the construction of threats and state sovereignty in cyberspace. Many of the articles in these special collections are available in Open Access. 

BISA 2023

Members of the EJIS team will be in Glasgow for the BISA 2023 conference. Find out more about EJIS sponsored panels and roundtables, as well as opportunities to meet the editors and registration here

Pre-submission feedback

EJIS welcomes high quality research from around the world, across all areas of international security. For those based or trained in global regions underrepresented in the fields of International Relations and security, don’t miss the opportunity to gain pre-submission feedback on your research. Contact F.Petrizzo@leeds.ac.uk to learn more.

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