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EJIS conversations: Post-Western IR and its relationship to security studies

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In the first of an exciting new discussion series - EJIS conversations - European Journal of International Security (EJIS) editor Jason Ralph (University of Leeds) talks to Navnita Chadha Behera about Post-Western IR and its relationship to security studies.

Navnita's new Review of International Studies (RIS) article 'Provincialising International Relations through a reading of dharma', co-authored with Giorgio Shani, argues that IR is grounded in ‘secularised’ Judaeo-Christian assumptions concerning time, relations between self and other, order, and the sovereign state that set the epistemic limits of the discipline. Here Navnita discusses the main points from the article and how it's time to outgrow the binaries of 'Western' or 'Non-Western' IR. They move on to discuss the impact the article might have on security studies, and how the conversation can be taken forward. Finally Navnita talks about what we can expect from the upcoming EJIS special issue call for papers.

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