Soldiers attending a riot

Just Riot Theory - What is it? Why isn't there one? Why is it important?

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The third video from Professor Ilan Zvi Baron's (Durham University) BISA-sponsored learning and teaching project is now live. 

In today's video Professor Baron talks with Jonathan Havercroft about his 2020 article from the British Journal of Political Science: 'Why is there no just riot theory?'

They discuss the meaning of 'Just Riot Theory', why there isn't one, and why it matters. Jonathan also discusses what it's like editing an academic journal. Please do also read the full paper which is currently open access.

This vlog series addresses basic skills and explores current issues such as decolonising the curriculum. Each of the videos will be uploaded to YouTube on Ilan’s Everyday Professor channel and are primarily aimed at first-year students.

You can watch the previous video too.

Photo by Bimo Luki on Unsplash