Conflict and security: securitisation and critical approaches (PGN Conference Series 2021)

This event will be in Zoom

The Postgraduate Network (PGN) presents the first event of our 2021 Conference Series.

This panel discussion is built around ways of framing and understanding security politics. Here we find approaches to the construction of threats, and security-related phenomena through empirical and theoretical work. Speakers will introduce various novel approaches to empirics and theory in Security Studies and IR. This panel showcases cutting-edge research being done by emerging scholars, offering insights into possible future directions for the field of Security Studies.



Vic Castro (University of Copenhagen) and Celeste E Orr (St Lawrence University) - 'Securitisation by the surgeon’s scalpel: intersex, race, and disability in the sovereign/anarchic order'

Louise Ridden (Aberystwyth University) - 'Nonviolence and knowledge in the midst of armed conflict'

Nicolai Gellwitzki (University of Warwick) and Charlie Price (University of Warwick) - 'The security politics of fear and time: towards a sociological understanding of the role of fear in securitisation theory'

Denise Ripamonti (Dublin City University) - '(De)legitimation dynamics in the Indian state’s responses to the Maoist conflict: a discursive perspective'



Théo Aiolfi (University of Warwick)

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