Externalities: Beyond and at the borders

This event will be in Zoom

This panel looks at both how states act and are seen beyond their official borders, as well as the production and enforcement of these borders themselves. The approaches used here are diverse and are drawn from across the spectrum of IR and security studies. Each paper develops our understanding of the behaviour of states and political communities, as well as problematising these behaviours or exploring how these behaviours are interpreted by others.


  • Matthieu Grandpierron (Catholic University of Vendée, France) - Faces of America: How America and US administrations have been seen and publicly described by China and Russia from President Bush to President Trump, and what it tells us about China's views of international relations
  • Carys Coleman (University of Manchester) - Biometrics and the Harms of Atmospheric Borders
  • Chester Yacub (University of Nottingham) - Influences on Philippine Responses to the South China Sea Dispute
  • Minju Jung (University of Sheffield) - The Responsibility-sharing of Nation-states in Response to Global Health

Chair: Tom Vaughan (Aberystwyth University, PGN Chair)


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